Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Rondeau 7

An absurd amount of time has gone by since I last posted a poem. More time, in fact, than I thought, until I checked the date of my previous post. Poetry can sometimes get away from me when I am immersed in my other writing responsibilities and interests, and I regret that. But that being said, here is the latest rondeau. (Yes, I a still on that format.) Given the long hiatus I may write my usual ten of these, or I may move on to another form after this one. Whatever I do, I will try not to take six months to do it this time!


I still believe in tiny things.
The magic when a robins sings,
The ballet of a falling leaf.
The folks who serve and give no grief
And cats that swat at battered strings.

Yes, even when the skinned knee stings.
Despite the cell that never rings.
The winter months before all springs
I still believe.

I need not trade my place with kings
Or hide beneath an angel's wings
To find what's worthy of belief.
This faith of mine has sharper teeth.

I still believe.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rondeau 6

The final shot will happen soon.
Perhaps on Sunday afternoon.
Or maybe in another week
We'll finally have the peace we seek
And then we'll sing a different tune.

They said that it would come last June,
"Before another harvest moon."
There is one thing of which they speak:
The final shot.

One day another damn buffoon
Will make the integral mob swoon.
And then the world won't seem as bleak.
Meanwhile the commanders tweak
To try to get for their platoon
The final shot.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rondeau 5

Yes, it has been a few months since I posted. But I have been thinking about the poetry I write for this site all along. It takes concentration and time set aside to create something like a rondeau, (or any of the more complicated forms of poetry.) While I admit I could have been quicker about it this time, this poems are not the sort one can crank out ten at a time, and expect any quality.

Nonetheless, here is my fifth rondeau. My exploration of the form will continue for a bit more, hopefully without as large a delay as this time.


By candle light, one's heart is known.
For one can never be alone
Amid the dancing of the flame.
We cannot hide our pride or shame.
Our dreams, our fears, our sins are shown.

Undulating shadows are blown
Along four walls of solid stone.
Nothing ever looks the same
By candle light.

Some will their tragic state bemoan.
For sins, some others will atone.
Still others won't assign the blame.
To them it's nothing but a game.
And for a few? Their legend grows
By candle light.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rondeau 4

In braver days, the land was free.
An honest difference would not be
A reason for me to despise
Distrust and doubt, defame with lies.
There was another view to see.

This land was safe for men like me.
It was no crime to disagree.
And noble souls could compromise.
In braver days.

No cowering on bended knee.
No public servant apathy.
No hungry wolves in sheep disguise.
No hesitance to realize
The weak owe no apology.
In braver days.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rondeau 3

All summer long I hear the creek.
Bubbling, burbling, I hear it speak,
And with it crickets in the weed.
So very little do I need
When I embrace the earth's mystique.

I hike across  the world's physique,
Sweating and panting as I seek
The confirmations of my creed.
All summer long.

Oh how my passions reach their peak,
A soothing balm for when I'm weak.
Beneath the sun my soul shall feed.
There is a calling I shall heed
All summer long.